Breast Lift

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What Is a Breast Lift?

A Breast Lift (otherwise known as a Mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that can be performed using a number of different techniques to correct sagging, deflated breasts (known as breast ptosis.) When performed by nisthamedispa at the nisthamedispa Cosmetic Surgery, this is achieved by meticulously repositioning the nipple and/or breast tissue, and tightening the skin. Having performed numerous Breast Lift surgeries, nisthamedispa is a highly experienced Cosmetic Breast Surgeon with the surgical skill and cosmetic artistry to beautifully restore the appearance of youthful breasts to your body.

Aesthetic Benefits of a Breast Lift

A Breast Lift is designed to leave your breasts firmer and uplifted, with the position of your areolae (the darker skin surrounding the nipples) and nipples enhanced. When performing Breast Lift surgery (with or without Breast Augmentation), nisthamedispa the aesthetics of a beautiful, youthful breast and aims to carefully incorporate these features into your results.

The typical characteristics of youthful breasts are:

The most attractive breasts, as studied by Plastic Surgeons, have the nipple approximately above this fold.
The two nipples should form an equilateral triangle with the notch above the sternum (that is, the distances between the nipples and from each nipple to the notch should all be the same.)
Breast size is proportionate to chest width, waist size and height.
Breasts are pert rather than sagging.
Breasts appear symmetrical (but are never perfectly symmetrical in any women.)
Proper projection: on profile, the nipple should sit directly behind the part of the breast that projects the fullest.
The novel Vertical Sling Breast Lift performed by the nisthamedispa Cosmetic Surgery not only elevates the breasts, but also reshapes them to give the following additional benefits:

Enhanced pertness and fullness.
More youthful appearance.
Longer lasting lift.
Lower risk of complications.
No loss of volume, no decrease in cup size.
Minimal scarring.
The result is an appearance that resembles that achieved with breast implants, even though only the patient’s own breast tissue is remolded.

Will a Breast Lift Work..

Every woman will have her own unique goals and expectations for the outcome of a Breast Lift. Woman who typically seek a Breast Lift surgery are those whose breasts have lost volume and are sagging due to weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging. The surgery elevates and improves the appearance of breasts that exhibit one or more of the following issues:

A pendulous shape or sagging (while remaining proportionate with the body frame.)
Loss of firmness and skin elasticity.
A flat elongated shape when unsupported.
Nipples that fall below the breast fold (infra-mammary fold.)
Nipple/areola complexes that point downward.
Stretched skin and enlarged areolae > Asymmetry between the two breasts and/or nipple/areola complexes.