Reconstructive Plastic Surgery : Cleft Lip and Palate

Birth of a child is one of the most important event in thel life of the parents and the family. Everybody is loved to havea look at the child. Then there are talks going on “ She/He looks like the mom” , “ No, No, she/ he looks like her/his dad”. Can you imagine the reaction of the parents when the child is born with a deformity like the one shown in the picture?

 This is a birht defect of “Cut Lip and Palate”. It may present as an isolated cut lip or palate also. A Child born with a cut lip and palate is  probably the commonest birth defect a plastic surgeon comes across. According to an estimate, one in every 700 birth, the child is born with a cut of the lip and / or palate. It is also estimated that about 30,000 such children are born every year inIndia.

 The cleft affects the child in more than one way. The child can have defective hearing, speech problems, problems with dentition, etc.,. It is very important  to diagnose and treat all these problems early enough to prevent permanent deformity. This document also explains that that this is not simply a cosmetic deformity. The document is also  an attempt to provide some answers to the questions that may come up from the parents. If you have any more questions, please contact KG Patel Children Hospital.

 In this document, we attmept to provide you some information about Cleft lip and palate deformity. Though the cleft is a very common condition, there is a  noticeable absence of literature prepared to inform and educate the doctors in general and patients’ relatives in particular.