Introducing … Advanced, effective, non-invasive Technology for your figure and Face…..
It has been a great privilege for us to serve you from Nishtha Hospital, the cosmetic surgery center. We now extend our services under new banner Figure and Face.

Figure and face will cater your need for non surgical options for looking great! We offer you state of the art equipments and materials which when combined with our experience of 15 years in the profession will enhance your Figure and Face.

Unlimited options…..

Laser Hair Removal: Get rid of those hairs on your lip, chin and any other areas of body. We offer you Nd: Yag laser which is most effective on Indian skin type. The machine from Quanta System, Italy is equipped with cooling tip minimizing the sting and post treatment burns on skin.
Laser Facial: Look younger forever! The IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a form of light that improves skin quality. The machine is again from Quanta System Italy. The laser Facial improves skin elasticity and reduces age spots and pigments. Few sessions and you will get that shine you lost few years ago!
Skin Polishing: Skin polishing by Microdermabrasion will remove outer dead skin layer and bring your pink glowing skin to the surface. Combined with sessions of Chemical Peeling and / or Laser facial it gives you your youth back.
Chemical Peeling: Chemical peeling causes invisibly, removal of skin to a controlled depth. We use Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Salicylic Acid and use products by Neostrata (USA) only.
Botox Injections: Botulinum Toxin A, (Botox) is a rage all over the world. The injections remove those wrinkles on forehead, around outer eye corner (Crow’s Feet) and around lip.
Fillers: Temporary fillers like restylane and perlane and permanent medical grade polyacrimide gels are used to fill wrinkles and other depressions on face.
Feather Lift: Lift that will lift your spirit! Sagging cheeks and angle of lips, jowls and neck skin, can be lifted with Atops suture which will fix the tissues in proper place and give you the lost years back.
How do you use this?

The laser hair removal will help you get rid of unwanted hairs on your body : Face, under arms, legs, arms, etc.

Pimple Management : Get rid of those pimples on your face, back with combination of drug treatment and laser facial, skin polishing and chemical peeling.

Back Shining : Wearing backless, halter neck and spaghetti tops? Shine your back with our skin polishing and peeling protocol.

Anti-ageing treatment : Combination of Botox, fillers and feather lift can give you younger look.

Lip enhancement : Make your lips fuller and attractive with our filler treatments.

Fat Transfer : Fat borrowed from one part of your body is transferred to fill in the depressions and irregularities, like hollow cheeks, etc.

Attending a great party? Go for the best looks and be cynosure of all eyes.

Assuring you of safe, professional and ethical services at affordable price……